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Frequently Asked Questions

Is "REAL TALK" medically & scientifically accurate?

Absolutely! All the lessons are designed to be inclusive, evidence-based, and medically accurate. We adhere closely to the most up-to-date and reliable data sourced from esteemed research authorities such as the Center for Disease Control (CDC), National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH), National Sexual Violence Resource Center (NSVRC), and other trusted organizations. Ensuring accuracy and relying on reputable sources are fundamental principles that guide our curriculum development.

How is Pittsburgh Essential Speakers funded?

The operations of Pittsburgh Essential Speakers are sustained through a diverse range of funding sources, encompassing private donations, foundations, and various other avenues of support.

How does this program help teens?

REAL TALK is a meticulously evaluated program, yielding outcomes that have been widely recognized from a social science standpoint. Students who engage with our program demonstrate a decreased likelihood of entering into harmful relationships, which can have adverse effects on their academic performance and long-term aspirations. Through our Foundational lessons, students gain valuable skills and techniques that empower them to establish healthy boundaries. The program has garnered immense popularity among students, parents, and teachers alike.

Does this program focus on abstinence?

REAL TALK goes beyond the “conventional abstinence” programs by encompassing a Sexual Risk Avoidance (SRA) approach to sex education. Recognizing the positive impact of SRA  education, as emphasized by the federal government and the Department of Health and Social Services, our program:

  • Utilizes medically accurate information,

  • Implements a rigorous outcomes evaluation approach,

  • Fosters an organic and engaging learning environment,

  • Educates students about the benefits of self-regulation, 

  • Focuses on empowers, encourages and educates the teenager on how to develop healthy, long-lasting, successful relationships. 

​Studies consistently demonstrate positive behavioral impacts among students who actively participate in Sexual Risk Avoidance Education, further highlighting the effectiveness of our REAL TALK program.

More Resources 

Curious to delve deeper into the topics addressed in our videos? We invite you to explore additional websites that advocate for a comprehensive approach to holistic health and well-being. These resources provide valuable insights and information to support your journey towards a fulfilling and balanced life.

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